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5* Paradis Beachcomber Resort and Spa – Mauritius


“We always have a great time at Le Paradis. The resort itself has the most beautiful beach. The room we stayed in was recently renovated and it was great with a sea view.  The cleaning of the room could have been better. The food at the buffet restaurant was great. Much better than the last time.  The spa was great. We had a couple of massages and the therapists are really good.  All in all, all the staff were very friendly and we couldn’t have asked for more. We will definitely come back!”

~ Aliki Droussiotis

4* Veranda Paul and Virginie – Mauritius


” We had an absolutely amazing trip!!
Thank you sooo much for all the effort and organizing!! I would happily recommend the resort to anyone and will gladly return there one day. Staff were amazing, food was spectacular and the activities were a great added bonus. The pools and the private beach were a real treat as well. I would definitely recommend informing future travelers to make use of the local bus and travel into the nearby small town and then also to grand bay cheaper than taxis and easy to use and the locals also are very helpful. No words can explain how great it was. Thank you.”

~ Jarryd Knight

5* Heritage Awali Golf Resort and Spa – Mauritius


“Awali was a great experience! The resort was lovely, facilities great and the food was exceptional. Our only dissapointement was the lack of urgency and speed of the refreshment waitrons around the resort and at the adjoining water sports facility. We have in recent years standardised on the all-inclusive packages because they are completely hassle free, but this is the first time we have ever got the distinct impression that the establishment is making a concerted effort to limit the consumption of refreshmnets through really poor service and almost complete absence of waitrons when needed.

Management were mostly absent and this showed in the attitude of around 90% of the staff who were quite indifferent, which is not our usual Mauritius experience. Having said this, the other 10% were exceptional. The fuss around the golf bags was a non-issue, since all other passengers travelling on the same shuttle service had their golf bags transported along with all other luggage as is customary in airport/hotel transfers (on the back two rows of seats on the bus), so I guess the anxiety and extra effort could have been avoided. I discussed this issue with the other passengers who were oblivious of the matter. The transfers and flights went according to plan without a hitch and we connected with the rep in Mauritius (Angelique), for a briefing.

So in closing, having done Mauritius at least 12 times, we agreed that Awali had the best food, is amongst the best in respect of facilities, room size etc. Amongst the poorest in respect of housekeeping and refreshment service and the location results in a limited daily window for sailing and windsurfing of 2 hours which is extremely restrictive, but a function of tidal action on the extremely shallow reef surrounding the area.

Further to this, the wind blows almost consistently in the South (we knew this), which can be a blessing or pain depending on your preferred activities. The other drawback is that the hotel has no water sports facilities of its own so you have to use communal services (shared by a couple of hotels), further down the beach which is a bit of a nuisance, but a function of the shallow reef in front of the hotel that precludes any activity there. Would we go to Awali again, I think the answer is probably yes! Thanks again for your help.”

~ Richard Dennison

4* Mauricia Beachcomber Resort and Spa – Mauritius


“We had an amazing time in Mauritius. We did not have any bad experiences, staff was friendly, resort was beautiful and food was great.
Flight and transfer was also on time and nothing to complain about.”

~ Jeanine Knipe

4* Riu Creole – Mauritius


“We had so much fun. It truly is a tropical paradise.

Overall the hotel was fine. The rooms were clean and spacious and it was great having aircons. The food wasn’t FANTASTIC, but once you know what to dish and what not, it’s fine. The snack bar is horrific, very dry sandwiches, and not much of a variety. Having 3 meals a day does not leave you hungry enough to visit the snack bar, but that was the only place we could get food upon arrival first night at 10h30, and it was not a welcome sight. Our room was at the far end and took us at least 6 to 8 minutes to get to the main building. But at the end of the day I was glad, because that was the only exercise I got!

The staff was very friendly and made us feel at home, especially the restaurant staff.

We would love to visit Mauritius again in a couple of years time, but will try a different hotel next time.

Our transfers and flights were great. On time, comfortable, had no trouble finding the transfer company, your instructions were very clear as per our itinerary..”

~ Coret Els

4* Veranda Paul and Virginie – Mauritius


“Goodness me!!!! We were PLEASANTLY surprised with P&V!!! Thank you for that package.
The resort is very peaceful.
The food is great!
The staff is kind and helpful – they all seem to be happy employees, the manager is very visible – and she’s kind towards them.
The only drawback is the lagoon – can’t snorkel, cos it’s murky, oddly clayish and extreeeemely shallow.
Perhaps their pool service could be checked – there wasn’t someone on hand at the pools. The pools, by the way are VERY nice!
The room was lovely! We even had a balcony!!!!! That hasn’t happened, ever. I sent them an email requesting a balcony room, and they actually gave us one!!!

The food is basically continuous, really – there is always something to eat, even with minor breaks between breakfast, lunch and supper.
Entertainment was good, every day and night.
The laundry service was on point, so was the cleanliness – not just in our room but EVERYWHERE in and around the resort.
The boutique shop is unbelievably well stocked and interesting.
The spa is okay, pricey [not unusually so ?]
The reception is friendly, no airs about being better than service staff – as we’ve seen previously.
We’ve done the north and the south east well. We’d like to try Long Beach with our little one. Or do a self – business class for all family and self-catering at Point D’Esny – that’s our ultimate holiday! ?
We know that there are a gazillion other places to visit, and in time and by prayer we’ll make the highlights.

To Mauritius was horrible. Thanks SAA for a one hour delay, after boarding because of luggage retrieval for some non – boarded passenger.
Although we managed to get bulkhead seats, the seats were minuuuute, very cramped. It was definitely because it was an older craft, the return economy seats were at least – 10/15cm wider.
We were fortunate to be able to upgrade to business class with the return…and Lauren, really business is class is a next level option on many levels. We first experienced business class on an Air Mauritius flight [both ways] and hooooopefully we can rather go that way in future with other holiday travels too.
In comparison, though – Air Mauritius is our preferred airline. We’ve always been disappointed with SAA. 2015 SAA delayed our holiday with an hour as well, because of a parent not having the right documents and her luggage had to be removed etc…
Anyhow, our transport to the hotel was fine. We just didn’t know that World Leisure operated in another agency and where their counter could be found, so that was a bit confusing. Fortunately a taxi driver directed us, eventually. ?

Lauren…as always Mauritius was great, really, always relaxing and a real getaway. Thank you.”

~ Kathleen Schultz-Boshoff

4* My Blue – Zanzibar


“Flights – we had absolutely no problems with our flights, all check-in’s went smoothly. I would however recommend that travellers should ensure they carry a print out of their flight bookings, we had and this was checked at the security points just before the check-in areas at all 3 check-in’s in Dar es Salam and Zanzibar. We noticed the travellers that didn’t, had to provide proof of their flights, which caused some frustration. Travellers had to search on their phones for emails etc. There was an instance in Dar es Salam when we were in the security line where a traveller was flying from Dar, to Nairobi, to Johannesburg and his final destination was Reunion. He had all 3 e-tickets on his phone but didn’t have the final one to Reunion as he was going to be in Johannesburg transit for 10 hours and couldn’t check-in on line due to the time constraints, the security wouldn’t allow him through, he had to search on his emails on his phone for proof that he was going to his final destination. Lucky for him he had internet connection.
Transfer to the resort – our driver was waiting for us with a sign post and he was lovely. The vehicle was in good condition.”

“Arrival – our check-in was fine, no issues with this.”

“Our room was in a great position, away from the bar / pool area. The room size was great; however we were a bit disappointed with the condition of the bathroom. The tiles, grouting etc could be maintained better. The room was very clean however gave you that feeling that is old and needed a revamp. The air-conditioner was pre-set to 22 – 23 degrees. It was still cooler than outside but we would have loved it a bit cooler.”

“Besides the fantastic private beach (where we spent majority of our time), the resort does not have that much to offer. The bar / pool area is great and much cooler than sitting on the beach.”

“This is a mixed one. There were some staff that made you feel welcome and others that just treated you like another tourist. There was one thing both my husband and I noticed and that was there were a lot of Italian tourists and the reason for this was because the resort is owned by an Italian (we were told this by the staff). They were treated differently. There was always a waiter / waitress assisting them where we would have to wait, the general manager / guest relations manager were Italian and only entertained the Italian guests. This didn’t bother us however you could notice the difference of service.”

All-inclusive package and Food
“We were a bit disappointed with the food. We thought going to Zanzibar the island of spice the hotel would serve a few interesting local dishes and there would be fresh seafood but majority of the food was catered for the “Italians”, very bland food and not a big variety. Most of the dishes were Italian dishes, osso bucco beef, creamy steak, mushroom chicken and pasta station. While we didn’t have a problem with any of the food, we would have just liked a little more variety. I thought about my parents and sister (parents don’t eat beef and sister is a pescetarian) majority of the time they would have only eaten vegetables due to what was presented. What was very strange on the all-inclusive package was that there was only 1 beer available for selection and this was not even a local beer, it was a beer produced in Portugal (Sawa Beer). It would have been great to have at least 2 or 3 choices of beer. Also, there was only instant coffee which we had to make ourselves (not a problem but strange for a 4* resort), “American coffee” was extra.”

“The location made up for everything “negative” about the resort. The resort is in the most beautiful location, the beaches never end and you could swim without worrying about coral etc. We took aqua shows which I would recommend to all travellers, you wouldn’t have to worry about sea urchins etc.”

“We will definitely go back, however not to the same resort. Zanzibar is very different to what Mauritius resorts offer (which we’re used to), so our next approach will be a little more different. Thank you again for all your assistance and I will contact you for our next holiday.”

~ Delaine Myburgh

4* Canonnier Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa – Mauritius


Consultant: Amanda

The Resort and facilities
“Great location and a very spacious resort. Extremely clean and very friendly and attentive staff. The restaurants, the bar area and evening entertainment were ‘refreshed’ every evening. New Year’s Eve was spectacular – great cuisine, and ended off with a beautiful fireworks display. Awesome water sports – we unfortunately did not get around to kayaking or any of the water sports as the weather turned nasty from 2 Jan – cyclone alert. Best idea to have gone with the all inclusive. We carried some of our own Gin and Vodka, thinking that the local drinks might be too strong, or not to our liking. We came back with those bottles J.”

“We were upgraded (at n/c) to sea facing rooms next to each other – pleasant surprise.
The rooms were just perfect. ”

“What a spread, especially in the Planteur Restaurant – we did not have the same meal twice. From breakfast to lunch to dinner… the buffet was a fusion of local and international tastes. New Year’s Eve – wow – we’ve dined all over the world, but had not quite had a spread like that.”

“Hats off to every staff member for being so pleasant, helpful and attentive. My Mom is the fussy one and does not eat anything but chicken or lamb, and on days when there was neither on the menu, the Chef’s went out of their way to prepare something for her – and not just a side portion, but a full on meal. The resort managers and head waiters were truly amazing.”

Flights / Transfers
“Great flights – no issues with seating etc.
On hotel to airport transfer – I paid for a private transfer as the initial pick up time was 4:40am for a 9:15am flight. This was only due to the transfer having to pick up guests at other hotels. I’d arranged with the tour operator for a 6am pick up on a private transfer and paid 2000 rupees only to have the driver pick up guests at another hotel in Grand Baie which set us back about 20 min. Other than that, there were no issues.”

“I also want to thank you for your amazing service and helping me find and secure this gem of a location at such short notice.  I will definitely reach out to you, in a more timely manner, when planning the next holiday.”

~ Seruscka Naidoo

Cassells Al Barsha Hotel – Dubai ,United Arab Emirates


Consultant: Lauren

“The hotel is big and not looked well after. I will rate all out of ten where 1 is poor and 10 good.

  1. Hotel cleanliness = 5 one has to ask for toilet rolls and clean towels even when we have put a sign on the door to make our room. There is a hotel adjacent them that was being constructed and obviously there will be dust due to the construction but they do not dust their furniture unless if I asked.
  2. Food catered at the hotel = 8
  3. Staff friendliness in the dining hall = 9
  4. Hotel dining room space= 5 they are using plastics throw away teaspoons daily, dining room not cleaned after use you must ask them to clean for one to use the space. When its full its chaotic.
  5. The reception staff =6
  6. The pool, spa and gym = 7
  7. Hotel location = 10
  8. Arabian adventures = 10

We really enjoyed ourselves with those hotel obstacles. The hotel has all the opportunity to improve I hope. Their location is good, it was a 5 minutes’ walk  to the Emirates mall  and 2 minutes to the Train station that will take you anywhere and very cheap compared to meter taxis. There are lot of hotels around them.

Looking forward to my April 2019 Hong Kong trip. I know you will give good packages as well”

~ Dikgang Ramatlo 

5* Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa – Mauritius


Consultant: Lauren

“The transfers were brilliant. Professional safe and engaging. The hotel was excellent. We will go there again!! I can’t tell you why but the feel of the hotel was just perfect for me.

Better than 5 star hotels we have stayed in. The shutters on windows were loose but my husband fixed these. The small towel ring fell off but they fixed it. My friend called and left messages 8 Times, one day and I got no messages. Phone was replace immediately I complained.

Now the positives- too many to mention but for a start I was congratulated on my birthday with a small delicious cake and champagne – no one alerted them to my birthday just attention to detail !!!!! Swimming was murky the first day due to cyclone week before. Second day and continuing the sea cleared and swimming great. There was also a super blue blood moon!!!!

This caused great fluctuations of  tides so swimming poor at times since sea receded. Boy did we hit the high notes on this trip!!!! Staff are exceptionally helpful efficient attentive engaging. Food excellent. The entertainment was the best over all we have experienced. Remember I have been visiting Mauritius for 43 yrs!!!! We really had the best of many many wonderful holidays in Mauritius. Thank you so much for your help and support.

~  Best regards Bev and Paul 

4* Veranda Paul & Virginie – Mauritius


Consultant: Amanda

“We enjoyed our time at P&V a great deal.



I would not recommend SAA to anyone purely on the basis of the on-board service provided.  On both flights the cabin temperature was set extremely low.  This meant that passengers (including my wife) asked for blankets.  Her requests were ignored until I eventually went to the overhead compartment where these were kept and obtained one.  The service on board was atrocious.  The cabin staff were unfriendly and at times downright rude.



We were met at the exit gate of the airport by the representative from Connections.  The transfer was per minibus.  The other couple in the bus were on their way to a resort on the east coast.  This made the transfer very long in duration.  Our transfer back to SSR was in a car which went much quicker.



Initially we were placed in room 622.  This room is at the border of the property.  The view from this room was as per the attached pictures.  Further to this the local community uses this stretch of beach as a gathering place.  We were quite upset that the screaming and music etc only ended at 1am the Saturday morning.  I took this up with Severine at the main desk and she committed to moving us to another room.  We again enquired on the Saturday morning and we were told that we would be moved on Sunday.  This was slightly inconvenient as we could not unpack, however the prospect of being moved to another room was incentive enough.  After we were moved (to room 511) on the Sunday morning, our “holiday” could finally start.  From here, our stay was near perfect.  We vowed to return to P&V somewhere in the future (read 2019). 


Food & Bev:

The hotel and staff kept abreast of dietary requirements for Monique at all times.  Sometimes the selection for her (vegan / vegetarian) was slightly limited.


Side notes:

It is extremely hot and humid all the time.  Weather that we enjoy, but possibly not the next couple / person.”

~ Jaco Pitout

4* Veranda Paul & Virginie – Mauritius


Consultant: Amanda

“The holiday was fantabulous!!!


Accommodation – there was absolutely nothing which we wanted for with the accommodation, it was very comfortable.


Meals – the food was really good, in fact, we ate too much


Facilities – there really was an issue re soft drinks at the bar, they pour the coke and coke light from 2 l bottles which means that every time, unless you are the first user, the soft drinks are flat. This was not great for us at all. And we could not get water from the bar when we were around the pool before 11am.


Service at the resort – in general the service was good. The staff operating  bar at the ‘bottom’ restaurant left a lot to be desired as they were unfriendly and unhelpful. But after our first encounter we chose to only go upstairs to the main area. The people who also help with facilitating the boat trips etc were not very friendly.


Flights – these were really good


Transfers – we had to wait quite a long time for the transfer to leave for the resort on our arrival and it was very hot so to stand outside waiting was uncomfortable but not undoable.

All in all, it was an amazing and we are hoping to visit a resort in the south.”

~ Sharna Davis

4 Trident Club Med Bali + 5* Harbour Plaza North Point – Hong Kong


Consultant: Lauren

“Clubmed Bali rocks in all aspects!

Harbour plaza also very nice, just a bit far from the Kowloon area

All in all excellent service from the word go.


Thank you Dreams unlimited !!!”

~ Rudo Barrish


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